Pole Vault-Chris ToledoHow to pole vault information from AIR STRIKE is being shared to provide a public service exposing careless, irresponsible, dangerous, archaic "traditional" pole vault teaching methods that continue being applied today in America and throughout the world. AIR STRIKE's purpose is to limit and prevent further needless disastrous injuries that result from LETHAL primitive "traditional" pole vault execution due to ignorance and dereliction.

Air Strike Pole VaultAlong with emphasizing the risks created by inefficient primitive pole vault procedures of the past, our AIR STRIKE Pole Vault mission includes providing simple solutions that eradicate the terrible consequences of DEADLY "TRADITIONAL" POLE VAULT as you will see when you click this green text link and watch the video to confirm these lethal facts for yourself.

AIR STRIKE Pole Vault is the easiest, by far safest, most proficient and consistent highest jumping technique on the planet.

The Air Strike System was created from the efforts of a teenage high school athlete with a desire to learn how to pole vault safely and correctly after concluding there was something terribly wrong with how pole vault was being taught. (CLICK HERE for Chris Toledo's Pole Vault Story & Tips.) The Air Strike System was conceived, ironically, at the same high school that sports history's greatest all-around athlete, Bob Mathias, graduated from over forty years prior to Air Strike's inception at Bob Mathias Stadium.

It is not only ironic that the Air Strike System sprouted from the high school athletic field named for Olympic legend Bob Mathias in his same hometown but, nearly four decades prior to Air Strike's inception, the very first fiberglass poles were also invented specifically for Bob Mathias by his former track coach, Virgil Jackson, a teacher and coach at this same high school.

It should be emphasized that the Air Strike solution was blessed by the good fortune of being enriched with the firsthand observations and experience of two extraordinary athletes: The world's greatest all-around athlete, Bob Mathias, and Cornelius A. ("Dutch") Warmerdam, one of the world's most notable pole vaulters.

Bob Mathias (November 17, 1930 – September 2, 2006) was a two-time consecutive gold medalist in the Olympic decathlon and will inevitably forever be the youngest athlete ever to win this Olympic event, amazingly, at only 17 years of age. Cornelius A. Warmerdam (June 22, 1915 – November 13, 2001) achieved the highest bamboo pole vaults ever ascended by any athlete in history. On top of that, until now, "Dutch" is the only pole vaulter in history ever to clear the height of 15 feet using a bamboo pole. He cleared the fifteen foot mark officially 43 times using a raw stick of bamboo. Keep in mind that these gifted and extraordinarily meticulous athletes were not presented the prerogative of gently falling onto the gigantic luxurious soft foam padded mats provided for the much less prudent pole vaulters of today. On most of their vaults, these brave athletes of the past had to land in shallow ground-level sand or sawdust!

The most obvious clue exposing improper "traditional" pole vault technique today is that, while using flexible pole vault poles, gymnastically inclined individuals get away with applying bad habits because they appear cosmetically to be vaulting correctly. But, the truth is, poorly trained "gymnastically skilled" individuals are getting away with very dangerous "traditional" flaws in pole vault execution which, in most cases, guarantee the risk of serious injury or even death to lesser skilled individuals emulating those same improper perilous "traditional" habits. Air Strike is the best and safest pole vaulting learning system on the planet because Air Strike concepts are anchored in universal common sense principles of physics that can be applied successfully by ALL athletes! Gymnastics background or not, Air Strike System's exclusive safety and training perspectives give everyone the opportunity to pole vault properly. One of the most distinguished training applications is Air Strike's unique approach that strongly emphasizes and clearly articulates the critical significance of proper technique VERSUS dangerous running speed!

Prematurely applying SPEED is the present Establishment's most perilous and catastrophic ignored misconception being allowed to plague and endanger today's pole vaulters world-wide. "In this sport, SPEED is your worst ENEMY, when you don't know how to use it."

OLYMPICS 2012 ALERT! - Predictably Lethal Pole Vault Disasters Can Be Prevented!

QUESTION: “What makes pole vaulting so obviously uncontrolled, unskilled and apprehensive?” (See Lazaro Borges 2012)

In pole vault, deficient training methods and techniques that are based on antiquated doctrines combined with the inherent risks of the event inevitably produce a clearly predictable volatile destructive formula. Due to a massive abundance of ignorance, impatience, dereliction and worse, primitive pole vaulting philosophies which are laden with disastrous potential continued being perpetrated throughout the world during the Olympic Games of 2012. The Lazaro Borges pole-break incident punctuated my earlier prediction in the above heading as Lazaro employed the dangerous "traditional" habit of pushing into the flexing pole causing it's rotation to delay which forced the pole to break.

Clearly evident and visible for all the world to see, Lazaro's 2012 Olympic experience along with hundreds of other movies on today's Internet video sharing sites reveal the dreadful fact that pole vault is being allowed to deteriorate even further into a hazardous game of chance. As evidenced in the 2012 Olympics, in this needlessly risky game the luckiest of the losers consider themselves fortunate when they suffer curable injuries from which they will eventually recover. However, since the “odds are stacked” heavily against the pole vaulter in this senseless high stakes gambling endeavor, the “unluckiest” participants endure the worst of conclusions in which the consequences are often predictably lethal.

In the early 1990s my son and I developed a pole vaulting system that is, in fact, a very simple solution which eliminates the multitude of perilous difficulties he experienced beginning with his firsthand disastrous encounters when he began attempting “traditional” pole vaulting in 1989. We named our concepts the Air Strike System and published our discoveries in 1993, only to find that our solutions would “fall on deaf ears” within the pole vault “Establishment.” If you are now asking yourself: How can that possibly be true?... please, continue reading.

An enlightening experience I had growing up was that, as a preteen, I had the good fortune of expanding my “formal” education by playing the game of “pool” in a genuine old fashioned “pool hall.” This inspiring “hall of learning” dated back to the 1800s and within it was showcased a striking ornate brass rail bar that could have been featured in popular Western movies of the day. Strung wall-to-wall (at least ten feet above the floor) were “abacus” wires with a series of sliding discs used for tracking scores. Genuine brass spittoons were scattered everywhere as most of the clientele were old-timers who enjoyed their chewing tobacco, cigars and self-rolled cigarettes. The academic environment may not have been pristine but my meticulous instructors were true experts who fully understood and respected the “game” we all enjoyed playing. I still apply and will always appreciate the very educational, conscientious and unselfish perspectives true experts shared in that old “pool hall.”

Thus, if I was to walk into a pool room today where everyone is shooting pool with a cue stick positioned behind their backs, I would be compelled to contribute my positive input by providing participants a more proficient method than they are now using. In regard to pole vault, responsible individuals ought to be asking: “Why are obviously flawed, substandard and predictably dangerous beliefs being fostered in this international sports event?” Unfortunately, the answer is “Establishment” cliques DO NOT relish change (even when “change” improves the safety and performance of athletes), therefore, the “status quo” remains firmly in place together with their harmful primitive perceptions.

I was naively surprised when the pole vault “Establishment” of the 1990s neither welcomed nor embraced Air Strike's proficient, logical and safer approach to pole vaulting. We earnestly invested much time and effort exposing the dangers of faulty misguided “traditional” pole vault myths, only to see our solutions ignored. Since that time, even more predictable serious pole vault injuries and fatalities have continued to occur thanks to the established deep-seated foolish archaic inclinations in the minds of those who refuse to accept vital remedies. I contend that most, if not all, of these disasters could have been prevented had the much safer and extremely efficient Air Strike techniques been applied.

Instead, after rejecting our proven corrective measures, the “Establishment” continued to encourage the asinine notion that “pole vaulting requires speed, strength, gymnastic ability and a no-fear attitude” while NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! The FACT is, when mixed carelessly (at the same time completely disregarding the significance of proper technique) “speed, strength, gymnastic ability and a no-fear attitude” create a toxic cocktail that already has killed and permanently maimed too many previous unfortunate losers in this irrational game of chance. The overwhelming and irrefutable FACTS reinforce the following logical somber advice regarding pole vault: “Anyone still using dangerous high risk 'traditional' primitive pole vaulting techniques SHOULD BE EXTREMELY AFRAID!!!”

The sad irony is that, late in the year 2011, I came across an article on the Internet titled “THE PRE-JUMP” by Alan Launder of Australia. Launder's article refers to a pole vaulting theory discussed by Sergei Bubka's coach, Vitaly Petrov, as early as 1985. Although, I never heard of “The Pre-Jump” prior to 2011, Alan Launder's article has, in fact, for many years, contained consequential information that clearly substantiates the validity, significance and extraordinary substance of the Air Strike System. Coach Launder's article also confirms that, over the past several decades, the pole vault “Establishment” has been fully aware the primitive pole vaulting methods they perpetuate are certainly suspect of being seriously flawed, ineffective and predictably perilous.